Camila Velvet | Artisan process
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Camila Velvet uses naturalsilk produced , by the Bombyx Mori, silkworm to create its pieces., It hatches out at the same time that the mulberry leaves grow,from the beginning of the spring..


` Sericin or dextrin, is a protein emitted by the about, mentioned worm which solidifies when in contact with the air, originating silk threads to weave and make up the chrysalis, an oval structure made by a continuous thread which can , measures even several kilometers..



The millenary Chinese technique to elaborate the , silk and its commercial use consists in immersing the , chrysalis in boiling water before hatching and winding , the continuous thread silk in order to weave it to later create the different types of silk, depending on the shape of the weave, the warp, , the spinning and the ligament..


In this work use special silks that can be painted without using any kind of preparation or additives..


In order to paint , the silk ,non-toxic reactivated water-soluble pigments have been used..



The patterns have been painted using big , stretchers with the silk tautened with special three-pointed tacks in order to create an uniform, resistant and smooth surface..


Once the designs were made, , I have selected the location of the drawings , in each piece, placing each one of them in the original model..


The original paper drawing, has been transferred to the silk, adding gutta on the initial line,, (gutta is a natural, flexible (gutapercha), and solid resin produced by the trees of the genus Pallaquium, originated in tropical environments from the Southeast of Asia),, that avoid the painting spreading..



Shades and tonalities have been added with a paint brush using the above mentioned paints, in order to, obtain a permanent attachement of the paints to the silk. I have covered the silk in a non-printed newspaper , suspending them on a steam machine during three hours..


Once the process finished, I have washed and ironed, the wet silk in order to . obtain the adequate hang..